The Governor

The governor has rejected taxes causing hurtful cuts in the Minnesota budget.

-The governor vetoed a bill that would of brought in more than $1 billion dollars to be given to health care providers at higher reminbursement rates. The state would have paid its share of cost by a surchage on certain care providers. Our governor vetoed the bill, stating because of the funding mechanism and the long term cost. The next governor will have until Jan. 15, 2011 to opt-in on this Medicaid.

-General Assistance/Medical Care turned out that there was a final agreement that included adding $10 million to the uncompensated health care pool, a Medical Care compromise.

-There were unallotments that including money toward higher education, renter’s credit and health and human services.This also included mental health grants, child support grants, nursing facility construction grants, and personal care assistant hours. Most of these approved unallotments are not permenant.

 US House and what has happened at the federal level.

-There were more cuts to people with mental illness, families with folks with disabilities, surcharges to hospitals, HM0’s…The portion that passed included $23 billion in fudnding to put off 21% cuts in reimbursement to doctors for 19 months. This was called the Doc Fix that passed. It gives help to the elderly and the disabilied, so they have access and care that is affordable. Cobra or Federal Medicaid assistance to the states was scaled back.