Organic Living/GMO/Monsanto

June 25

There is a newsletter that I get each quarter called Organic View.

It’s always very interesting. This organization works to fight Monsanto, who owns and controls roughly 90% of GMO seeds in the world. These seed are of note because they have been genetically modified to produce their own pesticides because of the repeat spraying of Monsanto’s toxic herbicides. There is no labeling of it in the US, no safety testing, it puts small farmers out of business, pollutes the world, blocks governement regulations, falsely advertises, increases yields, controls the US soy market, and may lead to allergies and cancer. There is also the bovine growth hormone issue.

These products use GMO ingredients: Coca Cola, Kellogg’s Morningstar Farms, Kraft/Nabisco, McDonalds, Frito-Lay, General Mills, Quaker Oats, Proctor and Gamble, Nestle, Safeway, Campbell soup, Wall-Mart.

We shouldn’t buy processed food.

We should specially not buy corn, soy, cootonseed oil and canola products until they are organically certified. 

Don’t use GMO products.


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