Life Threatening Illness Bonding Activities

Spend time with your loved one. Quality time is important. If somone is in the hospital for a long period of time, create a homey environment. Make memories. Help children stay close to their loved ones. With you children you may want to bring stuffed animals, a favorite quilt. Pictures, favorite CDs, magazines, a food favorite, decorations, of a pet (if allowed.)

Quality time could be watching TV together, movies, reading books, magazines, newspapers, playing games, looking through albums, sitting close to the bed of a loved one.

Some hospital have pallative care kits that you can use. They may include breathing exercises, mediations, massage lotion and oils, CD, etc.

Making memories can be making an album, collage picture together, a handprint, saving a lock of hair, using a video recorder, interviewing the family members likes and dislikes, experiences, values, filling out a memory journal. Having the chaplain come. Helping kids to feel a part of the experience.

There are serves at most hopsitals that can be of value, Life Choices team, social worker, chaplain, patient relations, how to filling our a living will, how to fill out a health care dirctive, family conferences, an ethics committee, and interpreter services.