Added Up Out Of Pocket Medical I Have Pd!

I have added up the out of pocket medical I have paid and it is $3.882.90 since Jan. 1, 2010! Unbelievable! Now I am starting all over again! New policy number!  Plus my insurance premiums went up another $44.00 a month as of July 1st as a single payer. Families went up to over $100.00 a monthy as of July 1st.

Over charging medical expenses need to stop. Some medical facilities are level 4 providers (very high cost), level 3 (high cost), level 2 (lower cost), and level 1(low cost). Are you wondering who is level 3 in our area?  Level 4 is down in the cities. We have levels 1, 2, 3 costs in Duluth. SMDC Lakeside is level 3 and 4 under all ISD 709 plans according to one of the charts I have.

Actually, I need to find out about Blue Cross and Blue Shield for next year. Health Partners seems to be going up and up as does costs at SMDC. I think more folks will be looking at cost comparisons in the next year.