Today’s paper in an letter to the editor addressed the reading illiteracy that exists in this country, people reading at a 4th grade reading level. I wonder why more isn’t done when there are regulations on No Child Be Left Behind and money is not be used for licenced reading teachers when they exist.

Is it because the school system is giving variances? Is it because parents are both working? Is it because little time is spend with young children? Reading to children and talking to them is so important. The Parade had an article about reading in the paper on Sunday. It said that 30 million American’s can’t read a presdcription label. They didn’t say how poorly the penmanship of doctors is when even writing a prescription. They stated these same 30 million can’t read a short grocery list, much less a book. They also said that 63 million can’re read the TV guide. We have heard that half of the prison inimates can’t read. Then it states that only 35% of the least literate are fully employed. As I see some of our former student drop outs I remember them not being able to read at a second grade level. We need to raise the drop out age in this city.

The government has proposed in 2011 that $612 be spent on adult literacy.

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