Mind-Body Medicine

Mind Body Medicine is good if it helps you to relax and even feel better. They include biofeedback, hypnosis, Tai chi and Yoga.

Those people who have the following medical condtiions may need to ask their doctor about doing advanced yoga. This includes those at risk for blood clots, those with glucoma, osteoprorosis, and those with high blood pressure that isn’t mangaged.

Biofeedback is good for those with asthma, Raynaud’s disease, bowel disease, side effects from chemo, epilepsy, high blood pressue, incontince, headaches, anxiety and stress.

Hypnosis is good before a medical or dental procedure to reduce anxiety. It has been used to stop smoking, bed wetting, insomnia and some phobias.  It is used with cancer patients, those with tension headaches and those with irritable bowel problems.

Yoga is good for those with asthma.

Acupunture has been used at the Mayo Clinic for pain since 1974. It is effective for dental pain, endoscopic procedures, low back pain, chronic pain, fibromyalia pain and tennis elbow from reasearch. Smoking research is not consistent. Oseoarthritis as it related to knee, hip and back show little benefit. As it applies to the knee there is a 40% decrease in pain. It helps patients who have chemo, pregancy side effects, and improved fibromyalgia.

Homopathy and Ayurveda need more reasrach.

Naturopathy, talk to your doctor. Don’t stop taking your prescription drugs etc.

Healing Touch has not had a lot of reasearch; ministers sometimes use it.

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