Number Decipher

Don’t you jut hate it when people are driving down the road, on their cell phone, and not even looking at if they should turn, whose to their right and whose to their left?

There are 4.1 billion text messages sent every day in the United States. Is this an addiction of what? Don’t text while you drive.

There are 140 million cell phones in the United States. I can’t imagine what is spent on cell phone bills. Of this 57% are teens who feel it is a part of their social life.

Facebook has more than 200 million active users and more than 100 million who log on at least once a day. I sure don’t know how people have time to log on in the summer. I barely have time for myself. Never share your personal information, social security, passwords, and confidential information. Be careful about what you post on your website. It could have an effect on your job, your reputation, and your life. There are hackers and viruses out there.

Twitter has 18 million users and it is most popular among those ages 45-54.

Communication is important to people.

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