Nurses Who Care About You

It was an interesting ad, 1 full page in the paper today about Duluth Nurses-We Care For You.

It stated that in the past 30 days more than 885 nurses scheduled for RN shifts went unfilled. Those working were forced to do double shifts causing patient safety issues that effect ones well being.

St. Mary’s Medical Center and Miller Dwan (SMDC/Essentia Health) received a net profit from July 2008-June 2009 of $13.5 million dollars.

St. Luke’s excessive revenue for profit through Dec. 2009 was $8 million dollars.

I know my daughter had surgery at St. Luke’s Hospital in June and had excellent care. She wrote a letter about it. My husband was in St. Mary’s Hopsital and the care leaved a lot to be desired. They were short staff there, and he wrote a letter about some of his concerns.

The ad is asking for patients to share their stories online:

The concern is staffing inside of hospitals. The levels are not safe according to the Minnesota Nurses Assocation or MNA.