Living Well At 50 And Older

Interesting article about 50 and older in today’s Duluth News Tribune. It tells how you should eat for your age. We need calcium four bones, dietary fiber, omega 3’s, vitamin D, B12, and water. It sounds like there is a Food Pyramid for Older Adults.

Then it talks about your eyes. As you age your eyes get bags, lines, sunspots, you squint,  and you can get crow’s feet. You can reverse this by vtamin A, retinol smoothing serum, laser skin treatments, or Botox injections. The article also talks about cataracts, glucoma, mascular degeneration, and presbyopia. You may need vitamin D, enough lutein, zeaxanthin, carotenoids, and you should eat these foods (kale, spinach, eggs, and pistachios). Okay bring on the nuts!

You mouth seems to droop as you get older. You have a breakdown on the lines around your mouth. You seem to get these lines around your lips. They can do Botox or Dysport to relax these muscles, YAG laser, use creams, use vaselinee (that’s petroleum, a gasoline product), Juvederm XC, and possibly other products. I personally think nautural non-toxic products are best.

Hair can become brittle. I know mine seems to be falling out and getting thinner. There is less pigment or melanin in your hair as you get older. It could be the high quality shampoo I am using, and I am overpaying for it. You hair needs B vitamins, iron, zinc, protein, and Omega-3’s as you age. Some people use colloidal silica and L Cystein in their hair. What’s that? You may need to use conditioner or have treatments at the beauty shop.