Josh Revak/MACV

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If you have not given to the MACV project in Duluth, check it out. Donate a brick for $100.00 in a veterans name.

218-722-8763, ask for Durbin M. Keeney

101 West Second Street, Stuiete 102, Duluth, MN 55802

The Brick Project is a fundraiser for the Duluth Veteran’s Place that is being build in West Duluth. My husband and I drove by it yesterday to see where it was located. We donated a couple of bricks with our daughter. We also gave the forms to others.

There are various size bricks:


Freedeom-a double brick for $250.00

Organization Plaque-$2500.00

Branch Plaque-$5,000.00. You can chose the miliiary service.

They are also looking for other donations; help make a difference in our community.

The Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans is the only non profit of its kind in the nation that is providing services for veterans for over 17 years. It offers support for veterans and their families who are at risk and are experiencing homelessness. This organization is nationally recognized for its success in creating and managing transitional housing and permanent housing programs for veterans.

This first unit will house 11 individuals, be handicap accessabile. The second building will hold 4 transitional housing units.