It’s Always Hard When Relative Go Into Nursing Homes or Extended Care

August 05

It is always hard for relatives to go into extended care, nursing homes, etc. I can’t believe the adjustment. Finally my husband’s aunt got her hair done, and she feels better about herself. She is a only 71 pounds and barely eats. (She’s in the beautiful Masonic Home in the cities.)

I was so happy tonight to see how up beat she was.

This morning I woke her up at the crack of dawn, 8:30 a.m. for her. (I am up hours before) to cheer her on as a cheerleader would do.

Tonight I called her at 7:30 to ask her about her day, give her some tender loving care, joke with her, make sure she is on the positive side of the fence, and wish her a good nights sleep as an evening cheerleader would do!

I try to cheer her up several times a day. It is not an easy task for a beginning cheerleader such as myself.

We decided that we don’t have to look far because there are far worse people than ourselves in this world struggling to live.



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