American Red Cross/Northland Chapter

The Northland Chapter of The American Red Cross needs your help. They help folks during their darkest hour and when they are needed the most. They are having their annual fund campaign. You can help save the day. They help people who have lost their homes to fire, those who have been effected by large scale natural disasters, and many other situations.

You can give locally to our Northland Chapter of The American Red Cross or donate nationally to help world wide.

They have in their newsletter what is needed for an emergency supply kit. We should have one in our home and in our car in case of an emergency.

-A first aid kit with vital prescriptions

-One gallon of water per person

-Non perishable canned and packaged food

-A non-electric can opener

-A lighter or matches in a waterproof container

-A change of clothing such as rain gear, sturdy shoes, gloves, winter outer wear

-Blankets or sleeping bags

-A cell phone with charger

-A battery powered radio

-A flashlight

-Extra batters

-A whistle

-Maybe a compass

-Personal hygiene supplies, including toilet paper

-An extrapair of glasses or contact lens

-Multi function pocket knife or tool

-Large plastic bags

-Extra keys to your home and vehicle

-Copies of personal documents (passports, birth certificates, insurance policies)-You may want to keep these in a metal locked box. In this box you may want an extra credit card and some cash

-Map of the area

-Family and emergency contact information

-Special items for infants and pets

-Some non-pershibable snacks