Consumer Scams

August 09

In The Duluth News Tribune today they had an article about consumer scams. It directs one to the the state attorney general office’s website. There are scams for health insurance, long term care, drugs, loans, house foreclosures, credit card scams, and just about any bogus thing you can think up.

I thought I blocked spamers from calling our house but when we went to a different telephone provider last year we saw an upsurge on scamers and people calling us about bogus information nowdays. Someday I will come across that block spamers numbers again. They even are doing it on cell phones. I need that block number as well.

Check out the attorney general’s website for a wealth of info. I know through the years we have filed complaints as well as relatives with this office:

You can also check out consumer complaints that involve charity scams. You can find out who pays taxes for Minnesota charities and the rating of various charities as there are charity websites. I have had friends who have been victims of charity scams.


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