Back Pain May Mean Deficencies In Vitamins And Minerals

eHow talks about how some people may have back pain from lack of certain vitamins and minerals.

For example, I learned from research that women who have been on Depro shots for years may have back problems. They may even need to have a DEXA scan. Did you kow that Depro shots can cause your hormones to be off balance? Your testosterone level may be high and estrogen level low. Hormonal testing is important. I know St. Luke’s does do this testing as patients have told me.

Low Vitamin D or  a deficiency can lead to weak muscles and bones. You can get back pain. Your bones can fracture. If a patient has back pain, complains of aches and pains, then their vitamin D level should be checked. Personally I think if you are a smoker you should have it checked. Those patients diagnoised with osteopenia and osteoporosis should have it checked for sure. Really, it should be standard for all patients.

Calcium is important for your bones when you are young and throughout life. When you have a calcium defiiciency you can get spinal bone spurs, a reduction in bone mass, stress, tension, cartilage detoriation, and back pain. Your nerves are effected by lack of calcium. Calcium rich food are imporant. Calcium taken with your vitamin D supplements is also important.

Magnesium is a mineral that a person needs to take for strong muscles and strong bones. Those patients that are deficient have poor nerve conduction that sends signals to their back. They wake up with increased tension in the back, haven’t slept well, and may have toxins building up in their body that can contribute to back pain. Magnesium rich foods are important to eat like legumes. I know my sister-in- law takes magnesium but she has regular blood tests. Hers is related to her diet.

Protein is imporant for those suffering from back problems. You need to eat nuts, poultry and red meat. That ties into the B-12 deficiency that some folks have. Protein is important for muscle and tissue building, well toned mucles, and relief of back pain.

I know people who are on dieuretics for high blood pressure, and they become deficient in potassium because of it. I wonder if potassium plays a role in back pain.