Dogs And Cancer, Any Similiarity With Humans?

I think it is interesting that dogs can smell cancer on a patient who has cancer. Ask cancer patients.

Cancer in an animal can be treated by herbal methods according to a book called “Natural Healing For Dogs and Cats.” Did you know that Japanese herbal research shows that mushrooms can decrease the spread of cancer? These include: Ganoderma lucidum, Japonicum, and Tremella. These are actually polysaccharides that stop new cancer cells from forming.

There are certain mushrooms I get deathly ill from. It be that I have a mold allergy and mushroom belong to the mold family. It is interesting that certain mushooms when cooked have no effect on me. I don’t over indulgence them though.

There are certain tonic herbs that help to stimulate the dogs appetite and boost the mood of the dog going through chemo. We have them in some of our food supplement stores and they are: Qi, Astragalus, Codonopsis, Siberian ginseng, Schizandra, blood tonics as Tang kuei and Rehmannia.

Dogs are small so they can only have a small portion in comparison to an adult.

Did you know that antioxidants eat up the toxic waste in our body? That’s why when you have cancer, whether a human or animal, vitamins C and E can strengthen your immune system. Many oncologists prescribe over the counter vitamin E to their patients. CQ10 is another great one to decrease inflammation and increase oxygenation to the normal cells. As people age they lose CQ10 or if they are on statins. I know I take it every day. Another great drink is spirulina (lots of minerals and food building blocks), bought in the health food stores, Whole Foods Coop, and in the speciality areas of your grocery store.

Give the dog hormone free meats and salmon for omega 3 fatty acids as it will reduce inflammation.

There is also dog acupressure to relieve nausea is the dog is going through chemo.