Shame On SMDC For Not Caring For The Patients Above All Else

Did you see the full page ad in the paper that addresses the nurses at SMDC and the upcoming strike? St. Luke’s settled their contract with their nurses; SMDC has not. 

This full page ad tells how 900 RN shift nurses shifts went unfilled at the hospital during a 30 day stretech earlier this summer.

(Our opinion: Well that must of been a second time because my husband was in the hospital in May or June and there were 2 RNs for 26 patients in a critical care floor. He complained about various things and got a letter back trying to put the blame back on him as the patient! It was as those cellulitis is not important. With their track record on septitis, grangene, and deaths they should care more.)

They need more RN nurses, and they need to not have their nurses working overtime shifts. A nurse who use to go to our church died from an overtime shift on London Rd. Shouldn’t they care about the overtime and the nurses falling asleep at the wheel?

It states in the paper that SMDC made $13 million alone in 2009 in profits. Interesting, yet they laid of two important foundation people, one CEO. They treat their nurses like they treat some of their former staff, not good. I say SHAME on SMDC.

They have plenty of money to give a doctor’s wife, not a paid SMDC employee, not licenced out there in the community in the breast cancer arena. Check out the Hibbing newspaper article (“Fairview Tackles Two Cancer Events”) dated: