Early Flu Shots In Duluth

Did you know that between Oct. 3-30th Cub foods is giving flu shots for $26.99 in their phamacy? Call 1-800-783-0458 or visit their flu shot finder at:


They are also collecting spare change for Northern Lakes Food Bank.

Walgrens have been giving flu shots for some time. They even sent out the form to fill out so it could be covered by your health care provider and Medicare Bart B. I am unsure if these flu shots include the H1. Be sure to ask. They seem to be giving flu shots, flu nasal spray (live (age requirement) and pneumonia. You shouldn’t have a flu shot if you are sick or allergic to eggs, bovine protein, gelatin, etc. If you have had a seizure, have a brain disorder or have ever sufferd from Guillain Barre Syndrome you may not want to have a flu shot. If you are part of Walgrens prescription saving club you will get a 10% discount. That would be 10% off of the $29.99. Check out their website at:


I know I had one a few weeks back and it was the flu and H1 together at the clinic. The flu clinic has not started there but patients at risk can get them early. They are giving flu shots early this year.