Jack-o-Lanterns, Pumpkins, Halloween

Jack-o-Lantern Month is Here!

I am forcing myself  to get out My Tackle Box of Halloween Decorations. It is one of the few months that I love “the orangish color” around my house. Whether it be a Jack-o-Lantern, a pumpkin or a witch, I am in the fallish mood. The leaves are falling from the trees.

I have my jack-0-lantern leave bags out.  I just need to hire someone or kids to rake in the next week.

I need to look for Halloween scarves for my dogs but probably not the cat.  

I am in the mood for buying receipe magazines.

I am not in the mood to be crafty Annie.

My life seems like a fast moving vaccum, too much to do and too little time to do it. 

I want the circle of life to be unbroken in my children’s lives. I want the landscape of life to be beautiful as I accept everything that happens. I want to wrap the prayer shawl around my shoulders and pray for the world to change, the economy, the wild ones in the high school cooriders, the fat I want to give away to those who are too thin, and I want the light bulb to click on in some folks lives.  Such be as it is, the color inside of our lives can be so colorful, sometimes too red and too many hot colors.  I am hoping all of life will come full circle by the end of this year.

I wish my husband would eat firey pumpkin soup. Well, it is not that firey..but it feels like a day to have pumpkin soup, barbecued ribs and those great potatoes.