Teach Me To Fish; I Will Feed The World

Gelato that we ate in Italy

Teach me to fish and I will try to save the world. There are many people who care more for others than themselves. There are others who care more for themselves than others. Some of us have our eye on the prize. For example, customers were given out crock pots for being good members at the Grand Casino on Sunday. We happened to stop for lunch. I think Black Bear would of been a lot better. I felt like I was in a feeding trough. The speciality meals they have a good, when they have them. I don’t want to feel like a pig or cow. I barely ate anything. I don’t want to sound like I am dripping with sarcasim, I don’t mean to be. Overcooked food is not my bag. I like fresh food, uncanned and unpackaged food. Yes, I do buy it occasionally, because you need it to make certain receipes. I think about food and receipes in the fall. I can’t color inside the lines or sprout the right words at times.  Families need healthy and safe foods.   I am thinking very sensory at the moment. What smells good? What smells fresh? How does it look? (I hate overcooked and dead food.) How does it taste? What is the nutritional value of the food you are eating? Is it full of hormones, preservatives, toxins? Is it full of food additives?  My list goes on and on.  I will stop.

Teach me to fish and I will feed the world.