Hearing Loss

October 10

Did you know that people with diabetes can have a hearing loss? In fact high frequency hearing loss can be up to 54% compared to those who do not have diabetes (32%). Mild hearing loss can be 21% compared to those without the disease (9%).

Signs of hearing loss:


-you need frequent reprtition

-have difficulty following conversations

-information sounds muffled

-difficulty hearing in noisy situations

-difficulty hearing children or women

-have to turn the tv or radio up

-don’t respond to questions or comments

-have ringing in your ears

-have to read peoples lips


-family history of hearing loss

-ototoxic drugs can cause hearing loss

-diabetes, heart, circulation, and thryroid can cause a eharing loss

-exposed to loud sounds over time


-stressed from try8ing to hear people and can’t understand them

-nervous about not hearing

-withdrawal from social situations

Who has a hearing loss?

-Ages 0-17-5%

-Ages 18-44-23%

Ages 45-64-29%

Ages 65 and older-43%



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