Minnesota Breast Cancer Coalition

The Minnesota Breast Cancer Coaltion is where awareness meets action.

-It was formed  in 1991 and is a grassroots organtization dedicated to the mission of ending breast cancer by advocating. 

-Membership has lobbied for increased research funding and access for all to evidence baseed screening and treatment.

-It was formed after NBCC (The National Breast Cancer Coalition) focused national attention on the breast cancer epidemic. Together adovcates worked together to passage national lelgislation related to breast cancer.

MNBCC is made up entirely of volunteers committed to end breast cancer. Many have been touched by the disease. They contact their legislators, work toward passing legislation that manades treatment coverage for uninusred patients and the volunteers stay on the front lines.

Why is the Minnnesota Breast Cancer important in the fight to end breast cancer in this country?

 It has worked tirelessly through numerous invitatives to provide education about this disease as well as grassroots legislative advocacy efforts.

-In Minnesota it provided 14,00 breast cancer books. 

-This organization has partnered with ACS, the MN Department of Health, Komen for the Cure, the African American Breast Cancer Alliance and the Breast Cancer Awareness Association on various breast cancer initatives. 

-The Minnesota Breast Cacner Coalition has offered support by volunteers being speakers at groups, conferences, workshops, corporate meetins and more.

-Membrrs have been on panels, evaluated grants, they have provided answers to questions and educational resoruces for screening and treatment options.

A round of applause goes to MNBCC.

-The Minnesota Breast Cancer Coaltion has worked with NBCC to obtain more than $2 billion in funding for peer reviewed breast cancer research since 1992.

-It has helped to mobilize Minnesota volunteers for four years to help NBCC pass legislation that provides treatment coverage for women diagnoised with breast and cervical cancer through the federal screening program known as Sage in Minnesota.

-Members have updated legislative delegation about the importance of continued funding for peer reviewed breast cancer research and supporting legislation for pre-exisisitn donctions and no lifetime limits on care.


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Minnesota Breast Cancer Coalition

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