Interesting Article On 10/16 About Breast Cancer Boobie Bracelets

I had heard that Breast Cancer Boobie Bracelets that cost cost $4.00 have been taken away from students in the regional high schools. The bracelets are marketed by the Keep A Breast Foundation.

Then there is the issue of the pink colored liquor beverage, Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Alcohol has been implicated in breast cancer, especially excessive usage.

The United States government passed the Early Act co-sponsored by D. Washerman (sp.?) and M. Bachman this year to the tune of $45 million dollars to educate girls that they may get breast cancer in their life time ($ 6 million per year). Groups like the Young Survivors Coalition were are on the list of supporting it or signing on the bill.

There’s a lot to digest in this arena.

For example, from NYU on 8 Myths about Breast Cancer…..they talk about underwire bras not causing breast cancer, unlike what a local organization promoted several years ago in Duluth, MN, YWCA and YSC. They also state that over ones lifetime they have a one in eight cance of developing breast cancer by age 85. A women’s ages is much lower when younger, unlike it is portrayed. 1 in 233 women are at age 30, 1 in 69 women are age 40, 1 in 38 women are age 50, 1 in 27 are age 60 and so forth.

They talk about how breast cancer in eighty percent of the cases is not linked to genetics and is considered sporadic. As far as the mamogram, one mammogram is only 0.1 to 0.2 rads per picture. If a women is having a screening mammogram she has four pictures and it is what she is exposed to in over three months in her environment, less than dental x-rays. The truth of the matter is that agressive cancers could occur anytime, not necessarily when you have a mammogram.