Doctor Bills

I was very frustrated yesterday when I called SMDC, Essentia Health about my bill. I was charged a $27.00 co-pay for my oncology appointment. The person I talked to was like a Halloween witch. I nicely explained to her that I didn’t owe a co-pay, I had maxed out this summer. She told me that the SMDC bill was from the insurance company. (It said SMDC on the bill. It was what they send out.) Well, I told that witch very nicely that the bill came from them. She told me, not very niceley to call my insurance company!  I called the insurance company, and the nice gal on the phone, treated me with respect and dignity. She called SMDC billing or Essentia Health billing (whatever you want to call it). The $27.00 was removed from my bill. I was on the hold line.

First of all my they sumitted $644.00 for payment for lab and an oncology appointment. Of this $411.00 is for lab tests, very basic ones, except for vitamin D at the price of $167.00. The insurance company  has a policy with SMDC of what they will pay and the rest is to be written off, not charged to the patient. This accounts for the $27.00 that was to be written off and not charged to the patient. Have any of you folks had this problem??? Billing problems???? Over charging? People tell me how they are turned in to collection agencies.

Last week I got a copy of a bill that was submitted in June for an emergency room visit for $2500.00. They are still trying to get it paid. My insurance criteria changed, July 1st. I wrote and told them to submit it to my prior insurance company  (their criteria and number. )This is why co-pay reimbursments get all mixed up. I think doing insurance would be a difficult job. It is frustrating for the patient as well.