Fiber Is Important To Our Health

Through the years, I never ate fiber and I got cancer several times. They recommend that American eat fiber like our ancestors. Two out of three Americans are not getting the recommended amount.

Fiber is the part of the plant that allows it to stand up, it is a carbohydrate, it can’t be digested, but it goes through you by a 30 foot trip. It pushes the bacteria out of you, helps simple acids, provides fuel for the liver, and helps with your metabolsim. It’s important to chew your fiber.

There are different types of fiber: insoluable or roughage fiber and soluble fiber that dissolves in water and slows aborption.

Men need 38 grams of fiber a day.

Women need 25 grams of fiber per day.

At age 50 you need to eat 14 grams of dietary fiber per 1000 calories.

It takes 39 hours for food to pass trough a womens body.

It takes 31 hours for food to pass through a man’s body.

I think this is important to remember these facts when you are about to have lab work.  Fasting should be cutting back on those foods that effect your blood quality and labs.

I think of my husband as “the breast basket of the world.” He loves bread and eats it all the time. He forgets that it has sugar in it.

Fiber slows down your digestion and abosrption of foods, and it helps you to balance your energy level. If you are constipated you have less energy. In fact you are miserable.

Some people can’t eat white bread, and others can’t eat whole wheat bread.

I had a relative who had diverticiulitis, which are small pockets in the intestine. Food could get caught in their colon, and they would have flare ups. A clinical study was done at Oxford University to determine the effects of fiber on diverticulitis. A low fiber diet is thought to cause diverticulitis. I tried to get this relative to eat fiber crackers, she wouldn’t. This painful disease occurs in 50% of the people over 60 years of age. It can cause older people to be hospitalized for it.

Fiber may reduces your risk of cancer from studies. In 1997 the FDA approved this claim, “Diets low in fat and rich in fiber containing grain products, fruits and vegables may reduce the risks of some types of cancer.” In 1989 there were 26.7 cases of physican visits due to digestive diseases.

Eat Bran cereral,  All Bran homemade muffins, and high fiber chili (we had ours last night).