My Confidence Bricks Are Broken

My confidence bricks are broken. They are not providing a strong foundation at the moment. I have some unresolved health issues that I am worried about. It will take a month, month and half or two to resolve them. The medical system works like an old chimming clock, slow, one beat at a time. It’s truly effecting some of my mantras. I am hoping this week will bring some changes. As someone once told me (who no longer is living) when momma hurts everyone hurts.

This morning our all time favorite furnace man will be cleaning our furnace and our heat will be turned on, but very low. I woke up this morning to 58 degrees in the house. I can handle it if I have enough blankets. I wanted to meow like the cat, and I missed my puppies in bed with me. My husband has an unfettered belief that the dogs can only join the bedroom screen early in the morning. When the cat meows, we get up.She is like an automatic alarm clock. If I hear anyone snoring, I also wake up.  But when the cat meows, It’s FEED ME TIME for all the animals. She has a time clock in her. When it is 3:30 p.m. every day she meows again, FEED ME!!! Just like that flower in that old movie. What was that movie?

My husband decided to take a ride down to the grand opening of “The Golden Arches.” There were so many people there, lined up over night……………………so he drove back home and decided to save his egg Mcmuffin run for later in the morning when he can plan a business meeting around it.

I guess I will just warm up with one cup of java after another.