Forty Seven Physicans Are Running For The U.S. Senate

Forty seven physicans are running for the U.S. Senate in 2010.  (There are 16 doctors in Congress today, 3% are lawmakers. Docotors make up 5% of Congress.) What does this mean? Could this be a conflict of interest when all but seven are Democrats? Some say they want to overturn the health care reform act. To read more about it go to USA Today.

 There is highly acclaimed pathologist and top physican  named Dr. Eric Wargotz. We should get him in Duluth. He has received many awards. (I bet he has never misdiagnoised a breast cancer patient. His resume is amazing!)

A Gallop Poll in March found 77% of Americans trust doctors to make the right decions aon health care compared to 32% of the Republicans and 49% for Obama. The question is have they made it right all these years?  The cost of medical care in this country has skyrocketed compared to other countries. Do they have a vested interest? Some follow the hippocrate oath and really do care about their patients and are just as frustrated by the unknown. Others are out for themselves