The Gold Guys In The Mall/Gold Fillings In Your Teeth Years Ago

There was an article in the Duluth News Tribune about how the price of gold has increased and how the Gold Guys are doing well. We decided to hauk my previous marriage rings (which have sat in a jewlery box fo 35 years) and two things that my daughter agreed to hauk. They really want 14 K gold, but will take 10 K gold.  A friend brought her husband’s teeth up there. I think she had three and she got $113.00. We were standing by her as she was told how much. We were all floored.

I collect coins I asked about few of my antique gold ones; nothing of value that I brought with.

Did you know that teeth may be covered with silver but may have gold underneath. Don’t pull out your husband’s teeth when he is sleeping.  (Ouch!)You may want to ask your dentist for your fillings back.

My husband, the  son of a well known dentist said that his father had many CD’s from all the gold fillings he turned in. This was some time ago. It was close to $50,000 in CD’s according to my husband’s memory. We should be asking for our fillings back, just in case their is gold hidden underneath! (Especially if we are of the older generation.) I bet the mortuary turns a few in. What do you think?

If you mention my husbands name he will get a check in the mail, so mention his name, if you decide to hauk anything.