Lowering Your Diabetes Risk

Did you see the article in Parade, I think on Sunday by Emily Lisfield? It was on 4 ways to lower your diabetes risk. Children, adults, and elderly people are getting diabetes, and we need to lower our risk. For kids it is their diet. They are pumped up on sugar.

Even one of my pharmacy students drinks energy drinks. They are so bad for you. They have too much caffeine and maybe some of too much sugar. Did you know people (adults and kids) have died and gotten really sick from excessive energy drinks?

The National Instutites of Health states that to lose 15 pounds you should walk 30 minutes a day.

I would say to lose 3 pounds when you are older it is an hour a day. It doesn’t come off; maybe with a chain saw. The battle of the buldge is so hard when you are older. First you should eat a healthy breakfast. Yes, the oatmeal or other whole grain cereal with skim milk. Skip the sugar. Eat low fat yogurt. Don’t forget the fruit. My husband eats a lot of whole grain bread. I think too much at times. He always walks around the block. Mine is one of those kids blocks, 1 inch by 1 inch. That’s the problem I have. I am too busy. Who ever invents exercises to do at the computer will make a bundle of money. Exercise is good because it gets your blood flowing, and it effects your body’s insuline. Don’t eat deserts. I know once in a great while we have a chocolate candy bar, and that is the extent of our naughty behavior.

I think it is interesting that people who don’t sleep enough tend to have obesity and diabetes. Talk to your doctor. Treat your sleeping disorder.