Help People to Live, Survive and Life Will Multiply For Everyone

November 23

I don’t know if you have ever given animals to third world countries. I have done it many times and my adult kids are tickled pink that they helped God’s Global Barnyard. Chicks and ducks are $10, pigs are $30.00, goats are $50.0o. If you want to go higher sheep are $125.00, a fish farm is $250.00, and a cow is $500.00. I have given the animals through a couple or organizations. Be creative this year, help other countries and people to live.  Check out it out:

(Please mention Faith Lutheran Church, Duluth, so we can get credit.)

There’s also Heifer International that I have gotten animals from. Goats  and sheep are $120.00. You can just pay a share of $10.00 as well on most any animal.  A flock of chicks are $20.00, Llamas are $150.00, tree seedlings $60.00, honeybees $30.00, water buffalo $250.00, pigs $120, a flock of ducks and geese are $20.00, rabbits $60.00, a camel for $850.00, and an ark for $5,000.00. Check out the website below the next chunk of info.

I know that Mr. Cameron in town goes to Cambodia and builds wells. You could donate the money for a well. Clean water prevents dieases in third world countries. You would have to get a hold of him through Durbin Kenney, MAC-V (Veterans) in Duluth.

Check out website go to: or call 1.800.698.2511



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