Blood Sugar

Did you know that if you don’t fast long enough you can have a high glucose level on a test? If you eat a lot of high sugar foods it can spike up. Then the doctor can have another test run that will will measure it a different way. I am unsure what it is called. I just know you don’t want high glucose levels.

There is an oral glucose test or tolerance test/OGTT that can be done where you drink this glucose rich drink and your blood glucose level is measured 2 hours afterwards.

 If it is normal it would be below 149 mg/dl two hours after you drink it.

If you are pre-diabetic it would be between 140-199.

 If it is more than 200 you would really be diabetic.

They would want your cholesterol and triglycerides checked to see if you are at risk for diabetes, heart disease, and maybe cancer.