Did You Read The Article In The Paper About Secondhand Smoke Today?

Associated Press, Maria Cheg wrote about how secondhand smoke kills more than 600,000 people world wide according to a study. Reasearchers analyzed data from 2004 of 192 countries. They found 40 per cent of children and more than 30 per cent of non-smoking men and women regularly breathe in second hand smoke.

Scientists estimate that the passive smoking causes 379,000 deaths from heart diseaes, 165,000 deaths from lower respiratory disease, 36,900 deaths from asthma and 21, 400 deaths from lung cancer each year.

It states that even though this accounts for 1 per cent of the world deaths  there are 603,000 deaths that should be added to the 5.1 million that are caused from smoking itself.

In Asia and Africa there are 165,00 children who die of smoke related diseases.  Then the article goes on to talk about infant death syndrome, ear infections, pnemonia, bronchitis and asthma.

The largest numbers of second hand smoke cases are in Europe and Asia. The lowest rates are in the Americans, the Eastern Mediterranean and Africa.

Women have the biggest impact on second hand smoke, as it kills 281,000.

Britan is trying to pass a law to outlaw sm0king in cars. Do you think there should be bans in our homes in the U.S.? Babies and children are the innocent victims! I know my parents were chain smokers.