Guess I Am Tired, Not Much Of A Power Shopper

I easily get worn out trying to shop till I drop. I am not ” a power shopper” at all. In fact, I struggle with my health issues, get up early and go to bed early. Don’t they say, early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise? I am wise, but not healthy and not that wealthy. Every year we go through our donations, who and what should we give to? We have given to postage producing non-profits that piddle away money that is not measurable or transparent. I refuse to do that anymore. So each year we look at our list, as it is typed out before we give it to our tax accountant. Who will we support this year and who will we not support?

I am really watching everything I eat. More than that I am  drinking more water each day, so that when I have my next set of lab tests I will blow the doctor into outerspace. Is that possible?

I think there are a lot of errors on lab tests. I wonder what the research is on this. My husband is having some tests redone on Tuesday. Yes, they seem to be grossly inaccurate. I think some of my recent lab tests are wrong as well. I should ask to have them re-tested or I should have them done somewhere else!

This is what I found out…you should fast for 12 hours for a fasting cholesterol test. The test is run though a machine, actally send downtown to a different clinic.