Aftenro, What Is It?

Aftentro is  aprivately owned home by the Good Samaritan Society. We had an aunt that lived there, when she was alive,  a relative that worked there, and we know several folks on the board. They have great activities their residents to participate in and enjoy.

Did you know that they are selling a large assortment of pies and julekaka bread for the Chritmas season? Orders must be in by December 17th and they will be ready for pick up on Dec, 23rd. Call Shirley at 218.728.6607.

They also have a family tried and true cookbook for only $15.00. All of these items benefit Aftenro.

They are also looking for shiny paper, maazines, and ads for a fundraiser they are doing.

Their website is:


Aftenro Home

510 West College St.

Duluth, MN 55811