Cancer Deaths, Can We Prevent Them?

I can’t believe all the new cases of people with cancer. Friends, family members, business folks are getting some form of cancer.  Don’t get scared because there are many not getting cancer.  It makes one wonder is it in the drinking water, the environement, or choices we have made throughout  our lifetime.  (Like my friend said, “Each day is to be enjoyed.” We just never know when things will change for us or someone we care about or love.)

How Can We Prevent Cancer Deaths?

1.We can make healthy life style choices today, tommorrow, and in the future. (Good thing I raised hell when I was young.)

2.Regular exercise is important toward reducing our risk. (Harder said than done folks.  There are so many types of exercise programs in this community; I get  mind boggled by all the choices. Let’s become a really Fit City in 2011.)

3.We need to maintain a correct body mass. (If we don’t our hormone levels can  increase in some cases. As we get older some hormones decrease.)

4.As we age our body becomes depleted of certain vitamins and minerals. It’s part of normal aging.  But actually some of the medications we take can cause the problems as well. What did our ancestors do years ago? They didn’t take so many prescriptions. We are truly “A Pill Laden Society. ” I think people should find out more information about this topic.  For example, if you are on statins, you can become depleted in CQ10. Did you know that if you  take Coumadin, a blood thinner,  your blood can be thinned down more with CQ  10 and Vitamin E?  What’s your vitamin D level? Lots of northern folks are finding they are low in vitamin D, and it is often vitamin D3.

5.Good emotional health is important toward inner peace and of course is vital to your immune system. (I say laugh your way through every day and joke with people. I tell my friend NB that I want this very unusual funeral with my favorite songs.  Of course, she has to be dancing in the aisles and  wine slushies will be served. We get a few laughs out of this, as I change the songs every once in awhile from” Celebration” by Kool and Gang to “Who Let The Dogs Out?”)

6.It’s imporant to know your family cancer and genetic history. (Who likes surprises? Most of us don’t. We should know our enemy and learn all about these vilans that challenge our lives, even if it is in the future.)

7.I think environmental toxins play a strong role in all the cancers and diseases we get. There are so many things nowdays that have not been properly tested or researched on adults or even children.  Young babs and children need to be protected, as they are still growing and developing. Why do so many children get cancer?

8.Eat lots of plants foods like our ancestors. Dark fruits, lots of veggies and grains, low fat calcium choices, and hormone free, grass fed meats are important. I choose unradiated meats in many cases.

9.Stop all the cumulative radiation that you are letting the medical community give you.  I would say especially CAT scans unless you really need them, as they are 600 times worse due to the radiation levels. Those patients who need the tests of course should have them. Some of us are walking around like “Radiation Time Bombs.” A long time ago they even radiated kids feet for Buster Brown Shoes.