East’s Sterling Strings And East’s Choralaires

East’s Sterling Stings played at Kiwanis Club of Friendly Duluth on December 1st and East’s Choralaires sang on Decmber 8th at the Radisson.  The Sterling Strings are under the direction of Mark Eskiola, and the Choralaires are under the direction of Jonathan Upton.

The Sterling Strings made you want to cry; they do such an exceptional job of playing. It was the beginning of the holiday season for many of us.

I was amazed at the fact that the Choralaires were performing 32 more times in the next three weeks. I felt like we were at a point in time that seemed like a Charles Dickens play era the way  they were dressed  with top hats,  suits,  shiny shoes, vintage dresses and bonnet hats with hand muffs. They truly sang all the memoriable songs. This group  entertained us beyond our imaginations and were truly amazing.