Organizations That Support The Growth Of Children And Teens

There are so many worthy organizations in our region that influence children and teens lives. I think of these organizations off  the top of my head. I would check out their needs. Maybe it is some supplies or you may want to donate to them this holiday season. You may want to consider volunteering. Every organization needs volunteers. We usually look about our list and write out checks to many organizations each year. This is what Jim, and I do for each other each Christmas. We see who needs some help.

Voyageur’s Area Council (The Boy Scouts)-Minnesota-Wisconsin-Michigan-Many people believe that scouting teaches young boys and teens to be better leaders in our society. Employers look at applications when individuals have earned their “Eagle Scout.”  Our son, an Eagle Scout has put this on his applications and resumes. Some students can’t afford to be in scouting, and they need our help.

Girl Scouts of Minnesota, Wisconsin Lakes and The Pines (This includes all the subdivisions.)-Many people feel Girl Scouts helps girls to learn important principles of life, as they become better leaders. I was a scout and my daughter was a scout, and I think we learned a lot about life.

Woodland Hills is about changing the lives of students. They have been around for 100 years, and they truly are an organization that has saved the lives of children and teens at risk. I cannot say enough good comments about these ” Champions of Children. ” I recently was at an event up at Woodland Hills and was amazed at a story by one of the board members shared. She is a leader in our community now because of Woodland Hills. Then there was a grandmother figure,  Bev Merritt who does crafts with all the students. She is looking for yarn. She has taught the boys to crochet and knit, and I think that is pretty amazing.