Have You Helped Animal Allies This Season?

Did you know that Animal Allies is trying to raise some signifigant gingle or change to be matched for the shelter by the end of the month? Every little bit helps the cause. Their address is:  Animal Allies Humane Society 4006 Airport Road, Duluth, MN 58811. They love surprise donations. You can even become a member. Typical memberships run from $25.00-$20.00, unless you want to be a substainable donor. True animal lovers are always wanted to be a part of this remarkable organization. You can donate money in honor or memory of someone as well.

If it’s not money that you want to donate, your organization or family can collect some of the Shelter Wish Needs. Check out their website at: www.animalallies.net  The Northland Spay and Neuter Clinic also has a wish list. They are located at: 2002 West Superior Street, Duluth.  You or your organization can drop off  donations.

Petsmart Charities gave a grant to Animal Allies to help save pet lives, decrease over-population and shelter euthanasia. Every animal needs a home. To learn more call: 1.218.623.6342.