Life House, Opening The Doors For Kids On The Streets

I don’ t know if I ever told you the story of “The Georgia Peach.”

She came to Duluth to live on the floor of a male dorm room. She had been “couch surfing” for the past year down south due to family issues.

It was a snowy day in Duluth, MN and  high school teachers, Jim and Peggy Anderson (that’s me) didn’t have school, and were elated!  Wouldn’t you know it turns out that this is the day she comes to Duluth.  We tried to help her, as had no money but somehow managed to get to the winter snowstorm wonderland. We brought her to the YWCA, Lutheran Social Services, and Social Services (We use to call it the Welfare Department). No one could help a student without residency, and it was very frustrating. We brought her to Life House, and they helped her find a place to live in a building that was near St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. She was given a room in this shared house and could use the kitchen. We got her a couple of boxes of groceries, some clothes from our previous garage rummage sale, and Jim got her a job at Burger King (Thank you Nick P.). She was set to get the help she needed, and this all happened because of Life House.

The Georgia Peach was also college material and was given the opportunity to go to LSC. We lost track of her through the years as she transformed to some stability. Then the Carnival came to town, and she ran away with one of “the caney guys.” I heard it was a bad scene but as we all know girls and guys do make bad choices. This is part of their learning curve; I guess. 

Whenever I think of “the Georgia Peach,” I think of Life House. They gave her the help of an open door. Life House helps youth who hit the streets no matter what the circumstances are, and they are the real “the street angels.”

Life House

102 West First St.

Duluth, MN 55802