Help The Duluth, MN Assistance Council For Veterans

The Duluth Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans needs your help. Two buildings are being built in West Duluth for Veterans.

 One will be permanent housing for 11 individuals with a handicap accessible transitional unit. The second building is 4 transitional housing units, MACV-Duluth offices, and a traning Center that will provide programming and supportive services to all veterans.

I am unsure when the ribbon cutting ceremony will be.

I am assuming they are still taking money for engraved bricks ($100,00, $250.00, $2500, and $5,000). There is a form that has to be filled out and is available at The Duluth Grill. Call Durbin M. Keeney at 218.722.8763 for further questions. The present office is located at 101 West Second Street, Suite 102, Duluth, MN 55802.

The Duluth Grill is helping by matching every gift card to veterans. For example, if you donate a $20.00 gift card, they will match it with $20.00 to MACV. Up to $1,000 will be matched in gift cards. ( This is kind of easy to do because you get a $5.00 free  gift card for every $25.00 gift card. You can order the cards online as well.