Buying African Crafts From The Slums Of Kibera, Nairobi

Today at Kiwanis, Beth Grobe Magomolla spoke about Gods Ministries in the slums of Kibera, Nairobi.

Tomorrow and even this afternoon you can go to the Duluth Teacher’s Credit Union located at 11 W. 2nd Street between noon and 5 p.m. to buy crafts that help the people of Africa. Many of these people have little income to live on and eat. One lady had not eaten bread for three months. 

You can help to make a real difference. Beth goes to Africa to purchase fair trade products that help empower families that encourage dignified self-sufficiency. You can call her at 218.728.0652 or E-mail her at: She can send you pictures by e-mail of items to purchase. The items are baskets, jewlery, shawls, nativity sets and so many other items.

She works through “Invite God Ministries” ( Invite God Ministries is donating $3,000 to the YMCA of Nairobi, Kenya to help these men and women. By helping these people it helps to end suffering, gives hope to abandoned orphans, gives the destitute faith,  and helps the people living with HIV/AIDS.

Did you know that over 1 million people live in Africa’s largest slum, Kibera? Even politicans won’t go there. Without access to safe toilet facilities people are forced to use paper bags and other drainage routes. This waste contains disease such as Thyphoid, Malaria, and Cholera, which kills 10-50% of those effected. Toilet facilities must be built to prevent human waste from spreading.

Kibera residents are often unable to wash their hands before preparing food or doing other things. Germs re-enter their body. There is a real need for toilets, clean drinking water, water for cooking and washing.

Many adults and children die.

Beth speaks at churches and other community groups.