Salvation Army, A Chosen Mission Of The Month


Faith  Lutheran  Church  chooses  The  Salvation  Army  in  the  month  of  December  as  their  mission. The family project  is spearheaded by the Sunday School Program (Rebecca and Brittany). They get the church invovled in buying items and wrapping the presents.  The church’s mission for the month is bell ringing,  knitting mittens,  hats,  scarves,  stockings, and  caps.  Take a look at the beautiful tree  of  all  the knitted  items that  will  be  donated  at  the  end  of  the  month. The total is 101 prair of mittens, 2 scarf sets, 17 hats, 29 scarves, and 2 pairs of fleece stockings.

They also chose  to ” adopt a  family. “  Adopting  a  family  means  buying Christmas  gifts for the family, purchasing  everything  for  a  meal, and  this  year  even  a  set  of  bunk beds, as  the kids are  sleeping  on  the  floor.  It feels good to help others!