December Brings Lots Of Memories Of Death

 A  lot  of  relatives  have  died  in  December  as  well  as  friends.  (Two  Amateur  radio  friends  died  this  month;  one  young,  one  old).  I  think  it  is  kind  of  scary.  In  the  mail  the other day came  a  lamenated  bookmark  of  my  aunt,  Karen.  It  had  my  aunt’s  picture  on  it  with  the  spoon  in  her  hand  (The  Best  is  Yet  To  Come),  with  her  birthdate  and death  date  in  full.  This  was  another  of  her  favorite  quotes  on  this  bookmark.

“We  don’t  like  to  say goodbye  to  those  whom  we  love.  Separation  is  tough.  It  is  right  for  us  to  weep,  but  there  is  no  need  for  us  to  despair.  They  had  pain  here.  They have  no  pain  there.  They  struggled  here.  They  have  no  struggles  there.  You  and  I  might  wonder  why  God  took  them  home.  But  they  don’t.  They  understand.  They  are,  at this  very  moment  at  peace  in  the  presence  of  God.  When  it  is  cold  on  earth,  we  can  take  comfort  in  knowing  that  our  loved  ones  are  in  the  arms  of   God.  And  when  Christ  comes,  we  will  hold  them  too.”

From  When  Christ  Comes  by  Max  Lucado

 (This is the  same  aunt  that  balanced  her  checkbook  to  the  penny  the  night  she  died.  It  was  always  important  to  her  to  have  everything  in  order.  Maybe  there  is  a  lesson here  for  us  to  learn.  Some  of  us  are  wingers.  What  would  happen  if  we  were  to  pass  tommorrow?  What  would  we  leave  our  families  to  deal  with?  Did  we  tell  our  friends and  family  how  much  they  meant  to  us?  This  may  be  a  New  Years  resolution.) I remember her saying a few times, “No one promised us tommorrow.” I think of that when people tell me they have cancer. (You may have cancer, but it does not have you.) I remember her once telling me, “Have a great day, make it a masterpiece.” Too often we waste time away.