The Holiday Of Memories

This  is  “the  tree  of  ornaments.”  It’s  not  the  German lead  laden  tensil  covered  Christmas  tree  that  I  so  vividly  remember as  a  child  and had  to decorate  from  top  to  bottom. It  is  “the  tree  of  oraments”  from  parent  gifts,  students,  oranments  made  by  my children,  some pictures  of  my  children  on  ornaments,  and  special  ornaments given  by relatives  that  are  dated.  I ran  into  an  old neighbor recently,  and  told her  I still  hang  the  orament that  she  made  me  on  my  tree.  She  thought  that  was  a sweet  memory. 

I  use  to  make  a  lot  of homemade tree  oraments;  it  was  fun  and  memoriable.  My  adult children  remember  these  times.   Soon  I  will  have  to  say  good  bye  to  “the  tree    of memories.”  You  may want  to  buy  some  ornament  sale  kits  at  Michael’s,  a  craft  book  or  unique  tree  ornaments on sale  to  date  for  your children or grandchildren  next year.

Each  of  our  children  have  a  box of  ornaments  for  “their  tree  of  memories.”  They  just  don’t  put  up  a  tree.  Our  daughter  and  her  husband have  Christmas  Sam  all decorated with  lights.  

It  is  interesting  how  adult  children  do  things  differently  than  their  parents.  They  all  create  their  own  way  in  this world.  My  adult  children  are  into  downsizing, streamlining and  not  being  fivalous.  

I  was  into  detailing  the  good  memories,  writing  the unique December  memories  down,  and  keeping  a  copy  of  the  Christmas  letter  I  sent out.  I  have  always  kept  the  holiday letters  from  special  family,  friends,  and  special  people  in  our  lives.

I  use  to  put our  our  nativity set  out  each year.  Some  of  these  items  no  longer  make  it  down  the  stairs  from  the  attic.  If  you  don’t  have  little  ones  the customs do change. Now we  are  into ” the  big  people memories.”