Some  of  us  like  it  nice  and warm by the heat vents as our cat.  Crafts  can  make  one  feel  warm  all  over.   I want to tell you about a great crafter blog I came across years ago called needles-and-quilters-me. (Lynn is the creater and she use to live in Central Minnesota but has lived  in Hibbing,  MN  for  a  few  years.  Her  husband  is  a  retired  professor. )

Just  click  it  on,  it  has music  to  entertain  you  (it  takes  a few  minutes  to  come  on),  and  she  follows  so  many  great  crafty  blogs.  You will  be  impressed and intrigued, and I think you will want to do needle point, make cards, do crafts or quilt. 

My daughter is an advid needle pointer, I use  to  be, and I think she would love this site.  She  is taking knitting lessons this winter, and I use to be an advid knitter but have since stopped due to my thumb.  I  tried crocheting but it wasn’t my thing.  This summer my daughter talked me into helping her with a few sewing projects.   I made a few grunts over these projects that still  remain unfinished until next summer.   Being creative with ones hands is fun and makes winter more enjoyable.

On one of Lynn’s blog is the  Graphics  Fairy.  Click  it  on and  then  click  on “Links.”  There  are  so  many  artsy  crafty  type  blogs that  you  will  be  blown  away. 

You  will  want  to  create  your own.  You  may  want  to  consider  doing  a  family  blog  to  send  out  to  relatives  and  friends  throughout  the  year. I’d  say  this  would  be  a  pretty Green  way  to  do  it  next  year.

Check out how to make fairy houses, cinnamon bath salts, or  fairy flowers.  If  you have grandchildren or children I  recommend The Crafty  Crow or imagine

I see the numbers climbing on the people viewing this blog and the ones linked to her site.  Lynn  has  done  a  great  job  of  getting  all  these  art  folks  on  her  website.