The Advancement Of Equity In This Town

We need to provide equity in this city for all of its people and we need to be continually aware of what is happening locally.

Check out this website and participate in one of the Clayton Jackson McGhie activities in the future. Our schools and colleges should use their curriculum materials. The Clayton  Jackson McGhie Memorial website is located at

Community Action in Duluthand it provides help for low income people. It helps them to learn that assets prevent poverty, create equality and strengthen their social fabric in the community. They have programs such as “Circles of Support,” “The Blueprint to End Poverty, “Family Employment Advocacy,” and Tax Preparation. More folks should take advantage of these services.

Chum/Gabriel Project is caring for people and working for change. It’s communities organizaing around poverty, housing issues, providing shelter and social work assistance. Check out their website at:

Then there is the (NAACP) National Association for The Advancement of Colored People. You would have to get a hold of Claudie Washigton at 218.727.0601. This organization works on combating racism, fights for fair housing, helps with court equality and justice, helps folks to get better jobs and an education, while they learn to stand on their own.