Drinking, Drugs, And Sometimes Guns

There are several places in Duluth that provide help with drugs and drinking problems:

Teen Challenge is for adult teens and men in Duluth. Often these are folks who have been involved with other aspects of  rehab in our community. Check out their website: www.mntc.org

Check out this website for choices and influences that affect teens everyday: http://www.abovetheinfluence.com/

The Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment located in Duluth is another resource. Check out this website: www.cadt.org/

There’s Al-Anon/Alateen in Duluth. Having grown up in a home of an alcoholic has an affect on children. Check out this website: www.al-anon.alateen.org/

There’s the Minnesota Indian Primary Residential Treatment Center, Inc. (DBA: Mash-Ka-Wisen Treatment Center and Thunderbird-Wren House) Check out this website at: www.mashkawisen.com/

Ever heard of the Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS)? Drinking during pregancy can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome. Check out this website at: www.mofas.org/  There is a group home or maybe they have adopted all these kids. They have been a vendor at Festival of Trees the past two years. They are called “Hays Kids.” They sell pottery, and they have a website (www.hayskids.com/)

There’s the Northland Recovery Center. Check out their website at:  www.northlandrecovery.org/

There’s The Range Mental Health Center. Therewas someone at a conference I attended some years ago. Their website is: www.rangementalhealth.org

There’s the Pioneer Recovery Center in Aurora, MN. Check out their website at: www.pioneerrecoverycenter.com

There’s The Duluth Bethel in Duluth. I always wondered what this was all about up on top of the hill located in Central Hillside. A former minister of ours left the Episcopal church years ago to work there. I will never forget his kindness. He baptized our son’s bear along with him. Their website is: www.duluthbethel.org/

Guns and More Guns-I know folks love to hunt, as I know so many hunters. It is a worthy sport that has been a part of life.

Unfortunately, teen and adult sucide is still a concern in this city and country. I had a younger brother commit sucide and many students through the years as teens and adults commit sucide. We need to look at the signs, if they have ever gotten the help they needed, and if  they were even being treated. I will never forget how  accidentally a young kid that I had as a former student, shot his brother accidentally. Whenever I see him it’s like a  ghost from the past.

Check out Protect Minnesota at this link: www.protectminnesota.com

Then there is the Million Moms, Northland Chapter. Check out their website: www.millionmommarch.org