On Education And Training

I was thinking last night that education and training is something that no one can take away from you. All of life is a learning experience, and it depends how much effort we want to put into learning.  My husband and I both have been  full time students all our lives. Even teachers spent their lives educating themselves. People need to be prepared for many endevors in the future. Life is constantly changing.

Duluth Business University is a wonderful technical college in Duluth, MN made up of impressive staff.  They have online programs, a wonderful vet tech program,  a graphic design program, human services programs, massage therapy programs, a medical assistant and billing program. Jim was asked to come back to teach a Business English class and was very excited to go back. Check out their website:


Lake Superior College is located in Duluth, MN. We know many students who go there and staff that teach there. In fact, a friend who has taken classes there is being offered a teaching job there. He’s a man outstanding in his field. They have an online program, a study abroad program, a waiting list for their nursing program, industry classes and so many transferable classes. This is a great place to get the first two years of your education under your belt or an AA degree. Check out their webste at:


Then there is UMD where I got my Master’s degree. I think it is an outstanding college. You can get your undergraduate, post graduate, and doctoral work done at this university.


There’s St. Scholastic College in Duluth which has an exceptional program in nursing as well as many other wonderful programs. All the people I have know in my life that attended this college loved it.


There’s the Unviersity of Wisconsin in Superior. Our son got his AA degree there, and I was impressed by the small classes and caring instructors. Our daughter got her master’s degree there with no problem and was at the top of her class after being a student at St. Olaf and UMD in years past.


Wisconsin Technical College as it is called in Superior, Wisconsin Indianhead College is a great college in a small setting. There are lots of choices of programs to go into over there. I have had students attend this college.