What Are You Howling About?


What are you howling about? It’s a New Year, 2011.What are you going to do differently? Are you going to make changes in your life or the lives of others? How will you make changes in our community or impact it? Will you share with others? Will you think of yourself more and others less?

Tough times are ahead at the state level in terms of financial decisions. Being a politican is not easy these days.

The school district will be making major cuts this year. They have lost record numbers of students to  surrounding school systems.

Our city, Duluth, is doing better than last year. People are getting jobs.

Gas prices need to go down.

You have a warm place to sleep, two squares a day to eat. Some dogs don’t even have that and have to be euthenized. Be grateful for the little things. Is that like saying, “Shut up if you have food ?” We should not forget about those who want more and give less. Transparency and accountability is important in 2011.