Mushrooms, The Mold Family

Some people (like me ) are allergic to mold have trouble with mushrooms, especially uncooked mushrooms. I got deathly sick on Shiitake mushrooms even though they are great for cancer patients. I can eat cooked mushrooms such as canned or Portabella once in a great while. I have made Portabella burgers. but I don’t cook with mushrooms as rule.

Cleaning mushrooms: Wash them gently and dry then carefully.

Storing mushrooms: Store them in a paper bag in the refrigerator, so they can air out.

Types of mushrooms:

Portabella are beef like and are usually 3-6 inches wide. They can be fried as a burger.

Morel are a type that some people pick, and you have to be very careful to pick the right one. They are conical, have a nutty aroma and are great in a sauce.

There’s oyster mushrooms that look rather velvety when you feel them.

Enoki that are tiny button mushrooms. I always liked canned button mushrooms.

There’s crimini that are sometimes used in place of button mushrooms.

Never eat those Shiitake mushrooms raw or you will get real sick.

This is the end of the mushroom 101.