Walking Tour Of New London Addition

I was at Northshore Bank the other day and picked up the free Self-Guided Walking Tour for The London or New London Addition that was created by Wendy Grethen. It was rather interesting to read, and I haven’t shown my husband the brochure as of yet. He has lived out here in this addition all of his life except when he was in the service and away at college.

It was on March 30, 1889 that The London became incorporated as the Village of Lakeside (New London and its vicinity). It was January 1, 1893 that it became part of the City of Duluth.

This brochure lists all the houses that are 100 years old or older in it.

It lists the walking trail and all the history at various stops from Lester Park once known as Stearns Park to Seven Bridges Road to Superior Street (once named Grand Ave.) to the Duluth and Iron Range Railroad Tracks, where there was a depot, The Lester Park Hotel and the Fuel Station, The Lester River Bridge and Fish Hatchery, New London School, Mirror Houses and Wells House, The McNair House, The Sargent House, Three Story Commerical Buildings, Portman Square, and Superior Street Businesses.

Did you know that the first busineses were George Hawkesworth Grocery Store, Hienan Hardware and Drug Store, a meat market, and there were even peddlers? Did you know we even had a town hall and jail, St. Michael’s Church was orginally a brick building, the Fire Station has been around since 1891, and library services began in the grocery store? There was a different lumber store.

This tour will allow you to walk for 1 1/2 hours with 12 stops in a 3 1/2 mile loop. You should pick up the brochure at North Shore Bank in Lakeside. It is REALLY interesting to learn about our heritage.

Find out who George B. Sargent was in olden times.

On the brochure it states…………………….

“27th Session of the Minnesota State Legislature-Chapter X11, Section 5, January 8, 1991

The common council of the city of Duluth is hereby prohibited from ever granting any license to sell or dispose of any wines, spiritous or malt liquors within the limits of the territory hereby constituted as the city of Lakeside, after the same shall have been annexted to the said City of Duluth in accordance with the provisions of this act.”